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Pac Auto Electric, Inc. dba
Pacific Auto Electric offers the finest in remanufactured American Champion made products combined with Superior Service and offering the lowest prices on the VMF market. PAE is the unparalleled leader in its commitment to the environment by providing their customers with eco-friendly products and service.
4280005730 Starter (New) Mack/Denso Type 12V OSGR replaces 39MT #19011531, with Driver side Mount for 2004-06 Mack. -2860-ND
4G7Z10346AARM1- FFV Alternator - Ford 4G Series IR/IF 130 Amp/12 Volt, CW, 6-Groove/53mm OD Pulley 100% New Rectifier features 13mm press-fit diodes Premium, hi-temperature WBD bearings Hi-temperature
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