The power control module was hanging off the front of my car. Or was it the body control module? I can't remember. Either way, let's just say it involved an unfortunate mud situation that required being ghetto towed out by a random mountain man after AAA refused to assist me, and thus leaving a box hanging off the front of my car. Frustrated at this point, I drove all over town begging for help at various auto repair places. Everyone was extremely busy that week and couldn't get me in for at least a WEEK. Pacific Auto Electric was the only place nearby my house that was not only NOT rude, but also willing to fix it sooner. When a car's computer is hanging off by electric threads, I'm pretty sure most places would attempt to charge a girl that doesn't know any better as much as possible or tell you that you need a new one. I told the manager upfront I wanted the starving recent graduate discount and to please attempt to re-attach the PCM/BCM if possible, because I really was hoping to not have to pay for an entirely new one. He was a nice guy and listened to my plight. They went to work and were able to re-attach it, and to everyone's surprise, the control module actually still functioned.  They had to do some sort of riveting work, and take off my entire front bumper and put it back to get up under there. It only cost $300. That is still a lot of money to me, but considering the entire situation and how much work they did, I am satisfied with that price.
Sarah B.

Okay, how many mechanics actually listen to you when you say "I looked this up on the internet" and then give you credit for for your research after they fix it? My 1994 Toyota Camry had some weird shaking in the front end tied into the reverse light staying on in the console? Turned out to be the harness wiring. They checked it first and fixed it and that was it. Done. I really thought it was going to cost a fortune. It didn't cost a fortune and they did a wonderful job. I did pay for a diagnostic but still got out under $300 after I was told by another mechanic it would cost $1500. These guys are good and they're very funny if you (and they) have the time to chat. Highly recommend them because they're honest, thorough and funny.
Steve H.

Just picked up my car from Pacific Auto Electric. They were intent on getting my car fixed and both fair and honest in their dealings with me. I would definitely return for service in the future
Steve H.

I took my '10 Camaro in to have some LED floor board courtesy lights installed. (Oddly enough Chevy didn't include floor board lights as a factory-feature in their 2010 models).  When I called the shop they were up front an honest from the very beginning. Their quote was very fair with regard to labor costs, possible added expenses, what needed to be done, and about how long the process would take. They were also kind enough to work me into their schedule on very short notice.  Not long after dropping off the car, they called to let me know a few previously unknown things about the lights and how that might affect the way they work, and if I wished to continue with the install.  I totally appreciated their honesty, especially in telling me BEFORE they were installed.  I picked up the car a few hours later and everything looked superb and the original estimate was right on target...nothing extra, nothing hidden.  I expected to get standard professional service, but PAC went beyond that and did an EXPERT  job.  I would definitely return to their shop for any future work, and highly recommend them to anyone who needs work done right the first time!
J V.

When I brought my car into PAE to be assessed the gentleman who was helping me received a phone call so the other man finished the transaction. It turned out that his wife had had a mild heart attack that morning. Both of them calmly continued working and they had an employee give me a ride to my home in Poway. Then someone called that afternoon. Even though I am a 28-year-old woman that knows nothing about cars, the guy explained exactly what was wrong with the engine. It turned out it would only cost $220 which is getting away easy in my past experience at the mechanics. The car was ready before the end of the day.
Elizabeth D.

I had an amazing experience here! Paul is awesome he's so nice but he know what he's talking about! All the workers knew what they were doing. I went in there because my alarm wasn't working properly and they got it done with in an hour and a half. Supper pleased with what I got the only reason I'm giving them 4 stars is because when they put the radio back the clock light isn't on which is easy for me to fix. I will be going back for sure!
Kelly D.

Ask for Jeremy if you go there. The man knows his business and outlines for you in simple clear terms what is going on with your vehicle, and what options you have. If it's going to be expensive, he'll let you know before they do work; if there are other options available to you, he will make sure you know all of them once he has looked at your vehicle.
Paulie B.

Paul was great with communication throughout the whole process of diagnosing what was wrong with my Audi. He kept me apprised of the cost for labor the entire time which I really appreciated since I am on a tight budget. He was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I completely trusted him and would highly recommend this business to anyone needing car repairs.
Toni H.

Highly recommended! I've done business with many full service repair shops in San Diego during the last 25years and will say that this is a trustworthy shop that you can count on. Always work hard to diagnose the problem correctly and resolve the issue or issues in a timely manner for a fair price. They're good listeners that truly put your best interests first. Whatever your vehicle needs they'll take care of it. Problems, they'll fix it. General maintenance, brakes, etc., they'll take care of it. If you have an electrical issue they'll find it. If you want your alternator or starter rebuilt they'll do it. If you need a specialist in alignments or transmissions they'll refer you to a shop within a few hundred yards. If you need a ride home and back they'll accommodate you. All and all they're a high caliber full service auto repair shop at a reasonable price. A pleasure to do business with!
Rick S.

I own a carpet tile and upholstery business so when i have one of my vehicles down it is code blue for repairs. I happen to be in poway when my truck when out of service. This company was recommended to me and i brought it there hoping to get a quick fix. Well it never turns out that way but i appreciate thoroughness. That is exactly what i got. Jeremy the technician was worth his pay on that day because he checked all the wires and more. With a little know how got my truck runni g like new and pointed out problems from a previous fix that caused the issue. Initially i didnt want to spend the extra money because its an hourly rate. However i know you cant always diagnose a problem in 15 minutes. But 2 hours later im back in action. I sometimes have to remember that you get what you pay for. Thanks for the hard work and working with me on the price!
Chris L.

Fantastic service and great prices! I went on vacation and was able to drop the key/car off the night before I left, Sam called me first thing in the morning to let me know prices and what they recommended doing to my car (exactly what the Nissan dealership recommended), he also called during my trip to give me updates on how everything was going, everything was significantly less than what Nissan had quoted me! I got front struts, back breaks, break lights, wiper blades, cabin and engine air filters for less than half of what I was quoted at Nissan. I am definitely coming back for anything I need in the future  Thanks Sam and everyone at PAE
Kaylin D.

Been dealing with these guys over 20 years and will continue. Always willing to go the distance and honest!
Karen M.

I brought in my '10 Yukon XL with a new electrical problem.  After hours of researching online I thought I could fix this myself - no luck.  So after noticing these guys are solid with electrical I took it in and they were able to rule several potential causes down.  Jeremy was fantastic and gave the most detailed explanation of his work that I could have hoped for.  There was no b.s. in their work and I sincerely appreciated everything.  My car has been running smoothly for over a week since.
Eric D.

Recently used these guys because our normal mechanic referred them to us for our phantom electrical problem with our work truck, after a few days of working on it they figured it out and got us back on the road again, during the course of the job they checked in with us on the progress of they're work and how much it would cost, on top of that they were very cool to deal with.
Matt W.


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